Video presented at The Explorers Club Annual Meeting 2018

The Matis | Not The Jaguar People


The Matis are an indigenous tribe in Amazonia, Brazil. For most of their history, they lived and thrived deep in the Jungle. In the mid-1970s, the Brazillian Government made first contact with The Matis to devastating results. Many of the tribe died from diseases for which they had no immunity. Eventually, their numbers began to rebound. This short video is the result of a Flag Expedition from The Explorers Club. A team of researchers and explorers visited The Matis under the auspices of TEC Flag #208 in early 2018. This short will eventually evolve into a longer documentary.


"There is one thing all great artists have in common, they are explorers.
At heart, that is what I am, an explorer and the medium I use for my exploration is the photograph,"
~Jeff Toorish

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