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Jeff Toorish is an award winning journalist and documentary photographer. He has traveled the world to produce breathtaking photographs in remote locations that many people will never see. His work has appeared in publicants such as the Boston Herald, the NACD Journal, Northeast Diver Magazine and others. He has recently completed work on a documentary book about the Shaker Religion at Sabbath Day Lake, Maine entitled Chosen Faith, Chosen Land, which has risen to the top of its category on Amazon.com

Photography is exploration to Toorish. As an explorer, Toorish is also the president of the ADM Exploration Foundation, a non-profit dedicated to funding remote exploration expeditions.

Toorish is often sought out as a photo expert by various orgainzations, and he writes a column for the Club Med website, ClubMedInsider.com that focues on scuba diving and photography. While much of Toorish's work is on land, featuring dramatic, haunting landscapes, he is well known for his darmatic underwater photographs. Many of his photographic work has tanken place in exotic locations, often in places where no human being has been before.

As a video producer, Toorish has won awards from many prestigious organizations for his work. He is corrently producing several documentary movie projects, including a political documentary dealing with the growing use of fear tactics in politics and a diving documentary focusing on early pioneer divers.

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