Jeff Toorish's work has been published for many years. As a photojournalist, he has worked for the Boston Herald, Brunswick, Maine, Times Record and other daily publications. He has written and photographed for Northeast Diver News and the National Association of Cave Divers Magazine. He has shot for Northeast Boating Magazine and other publications.

In April of 2015 Jeff was named Editor or the NACD Journal, the official publication of the National Association for Cave Diving.

A partial list of Jeff's published work: (links to articles are in orange.)

• 2007 Advanced Diver Magazine, Yucatán Expedition, “Thats Why They Call It Exploration and not Discovery.”
• 2008 Advanced Diver Magazine, Yucatán Expedition, “Virgins, Violence and Videotape.”
• 2008 Advanced Diver Magazine, Guatemala Expedition, “Mayans, Myths and Monsters.”
• 2008 Advanced Diver Magazine, Sea of Cortez Expedition, “In Search of Giants.”
• 2009 Advanced Diver Magazine, Guatemala Expedition, “Mystical Faces, Escape from Captive Places.”
• 2009 Northeast Diver News, Gulf of Maine, “The Sinking of the Jessica Ann.”
• 2010 Advabced Diver Magazine, Yucatán Expedition,"Get On The Rope"
• 2015 Wilderness Medicine Newsletter, "Chechen, Chaca and a Mayan Legend"
• 2015 Wilderness Medicine Newsletter, "Patent Foramen Ovale, The Hidden Danger"

Toorish's photographs have received rave reviews in book, Chosen Faith, Chosen Land, a 21st Century look at the Shaker Religion and the remaining Shakers at Sabbath Day Lake, Maine, which won a critical literary award in 2010.

Photos from Chosen Faith, Chosen Land


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